Safe Boating Council


The National Safe Boating Council, Inc. (NSBC) was organized in September 1958 under the name National Safe Boating Committee. The NSBC presently has a membership of over 300 U.S. and Canadian organizations, all with an interest in boating safety and education. The NSBC membership is diverse, with approximately 65% of the membership being nonprofit organizations and 35% being for-profit organizations.

The mission of the NSBC is to reduce accidents and enhance the boating experience. The NSBC is the foremost coalition for the advancement and promotion of safer boating through education. The National Safe Boating Council accomplishes this mission by:

  • Conducting a series of on-going National Campaigns to promote Safe Boating.
  • Providing opportunities to work directly with national and international leaders in boating education.
  • Improving the professional development of boating safety educators.
  • Distributing safe boating information.
  • Developing and recognizing outstanding boating safety programs.
  • Supporting research initiatives that strengthen boating education and safety awareness.

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