Code of Ethics

It is the purpose of this Association to foster a better understanding between its members, to raise the standards of the recreational boating industry in the State of Texas, to create an interested and informed boating public and to promote the use of established boating safety rules on the state’s waterways.

Each member acknowledges a responsibility to himself, his employees, his competitors, his suppliers, his customers and to this Association.

Each member assumes the obligation faithfully to observe the precepts and rules of conduct set forth and he shall not willfully violate or by subterfuge seek to circumvent any portion of this code. Any member who does violate or circumvent these precepts and rules of conduct may be required to forfeit his membership in the Association or be vulnerable to other penalties as may be described in the Bylaws.

The Member

THE MEMBER SHALL consider his business an honorable occupation affording him a distinct opportunity to serve his fellowmen; employ only ethical business practices; promote sound, progressive changes within the industry; and cooperate with others to enhance development of the boating industry.

The Employee

THE MEMBER SHALL educate and train his employees to the best of his ability; pay employees fair wages relative to their skills; develop employee incentive programs; and keep the premises in a clean, attractive condition.

The Competitor

THE MEMBER SHALL have a high regard for his competitor; develop a mutual trust and respect; promote the industry through involvement in state and local boating associations; and avoid merchandise price fixing.

The Supplier

THE MEMBER SHALL recognize that those from whom he buys are rendering him a service; show professional courtesy to salesmen and representatives; observe truth and honesty in all dealings with salesmen; endeavor to promptly pay all bills for commodities or services; honor all written or verbal agreements; and maintain a high ethical and moral standard in all business transactions.

The Customer

THE MEMBER SHALL recognize that it is his purpose to sell and service marine merchandise; develop customer confidence to promote long-term merchandise service and sales; provide professional counsel and guidance regarding a product’s use and limitations; make no false or misleading product statements; market safe, quality boating equipment; submit an accurate and clear price quotation; inform all customers of the terms and conditions of the guarantee if the merchandise sold or the service rendered is subject to a guarantee; and avoid customer discrimination by offering or withholding discounts or preferential terms.

The Association

THE MEMBER SHALL, by acceptance of membership in this Association, accept the principle of collective action as the means of self-preservation and advancement; continually search for viable programs and policies for consideration by the Association; not embark upon any independent course of action to embarrass the Association or place it in a position of disrepute before the public; and not display the official emblem or identify himself with the Association except in such a manner as may be prescribed in the Bylaws.